Hi, my name is Cass!

I created Camel City Productions more than 10 years ago to offer my services in the digital marketing world to local businesses.

I bring a wealth of knowledge with over a decade and a half of experience in digital advertising and marketing.

My background is diverse, encompassing roles in both agency settings and in-house positions across a variety of sectors, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of the digital marketing landscape.

My areas of specialization include lead generation, marketing automation, and the development of effective websites. I hold a core belief that your digital presence, encompassing both your website and marketing initiatives, should actively contribute to your business's revenue growth and brand recognition.

My hands-on experience includes managing advertising budgets in excess of $4 million and delivering tailored online marketing advice to over 200 businesses.

My strategies are rooted in a data-centric approach, involving thorough analysis of comprehensive reports to determine the success of current strategies and identify opportunities for optimization, ensuring that your investment yields substantial and measurable returns.

When I'm not immersed in the digital world, my interests lie in exploring the rhythms of music, savoring the richness of coffee, and enjoying playful moments with dogs.

Partner with Camel City Productions and let's craft a digital marketing strategy that resonates with your business objectives, driving meaningful engagement and growth.

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